Comparison of Incidence of Low Back Pain in Women with Normal Vaginal Delivery and Cesarean Section

Nusrat Rasheed, Muhammed Hassaan Khan, Naseem Rasheed


Objective: To compare the incidence of low back pain between women who underwent caesarean section and those had normal vaginal delivery.

Methods: This comparative study was conducted in Dow university hospital from January 2014-December 2017. Total 340 patients coming in Orthopaedics OPD with backache fulfilling the inclusion criteria were enrolled in the study after taking informed consent. Questionnaires were filled by the research team members.

Results: Mean age of the respondents was 28 years, with mean parity was 4.2, 170(50%) delivered via normal vaginal delivery, 170(50%) (%) via Caesarean section. 20(5.8) %, out of them got general anesthesia,150 (94.2%) were given regional anesthesia. Out of those 150 who got regional anesthesia,105(70%) got spinal anesthesia and 45(30%)patient got epidural anesthesia. Patients who underwent C-section, 48(28.8%)%) had elective C-section, 122(61.7%%) had emergency C-section. Back pain was started in 15(4.4%) before pregnancy, 50(16.9%) during pregnancy and 266(77.3 %) after delivery. Regarding intensity of pain, 23(6.7 %) respondents mild backache, 175(50.9%) moderate and 140(40.7%) severe backache.

Conclusion: Low back pain is a problem in women after delivery either with cesarean section or normal vaginal delivery. There are certain risk factors which are associated with low back ache, those can be avoided needs specific strategies and management plan during pregnancy, at the time of delivery or during the administration of anesthesia

Key Words: Low backache, caesarean section