The Journal of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association welcomes articles contribute to Orthopaedic science from all sources in all Countries.
Articles are accepted only for exclusive publication in the Journal of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association. Publication does not constitute official endorsement of opinions presented in articles. Articles published and their illustrations become the property of the journal. When you send an article it is essential that following items be submitted.

  • i) A letter of Transmittal containing following paragraph (made necessary by the recoiling of the copyright laws), signed by all authors: “In consideration of the Journal of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association reviewing and editing my (our) submission, the author(s), assign(s) or otherwise convey(s) all copyright ownership to The journal represent(s) that the article is original, and that this material has not been previously published this assignment is to take effect only in the event that such work is published in the Journal of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association.
  • ii) The original manuscript and three duplicate manuscripts complete with illustration. Four complete sets are necessary for reviewers of manuscript. The editorial process cannot be started unless they are received. The corresponding author must be clearly identified with address and telephone number. Manuscripts of articles will be returned.
  • iii) A bibliography, Alphabetical and double spaced of reference made in text only.
  • iv) Legends for all illustrations submitted, listed in order and types double spaced.
  • v)Illustrations
  • a) Black & white glossy prints of photographs give magnification of Photomicrographs.
  • b) Original drawing or charts.
  • c) Color illustration cannot be used unless in the opinion of the journal the convey information not available in a black & white print. If color is desired please send both color and black and white prints.

An abstract of 100 words or less, giving the factual essence of the articles. The abstract will precede the text of the published paper. In all basic science articles, the final paragraph of the abstract should briefly and clearly describe the clinical relevance of the information contained in the article.

Preparation of Manuscript:

Manuscripts must be typewritten, double spaced with side margins. Write out figures under 100 except percentages, degree expressed in decimals. A direct quotation should include the exact page number on which it appeared in the book or articles. All measurements should be given in SI metric unit. In reporting Results or surgery, only in rare instances can cases with less than two years follow up be accepted.

Preparation of Illustrations:

Number all illustrations and indicate top plainly. Write in author’s the back of each illustration. Send prints L.N.N counted or mounted only will damage them. Drawings, charts and lettering on printers usually should be done in black; use white on black back ground. Put dates or initials in legends, not on read when submitting an illustration that has appeared elsewhere give full information about previous publication and credit to be given, and state whether or not permission to reproduce has been obtained.


Material appearing in the journal is covered by copyright. Permission would be given-to recognized medical journals to reprint anything in these pages, Permission if firs obtained from the journal.