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Objective: To investigate the normative handgrip strength of healthy adult male and female Pakistani population and to compare it with consolidated norm.
Methodology: It was a survey-based study included 365 healthy Pakistani adult males and females ages between 18 to 54 years. A calibrated handheld Jammer Dynamometer was used to measure handgrip strength under American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) guidelines. Three trials were done alternately from both hands and mean were taken separately as a score.

Case Report

Primary Tibial Synovial Sarcoma: Uncommon Tumour on Uncommon Site –Case Reports

Muhammad Muzzammil, Muhammad Saeed Minhas, Anisuddin Bhatti, Adnan Hussain Muhammad Ovais, Abdul Qadir, Ayesha Mughal, Syed Jahanzeb


Objective:To report the clinical characteristic of primary tibial synovial sarcoma, in terms of aggressiveness, local spread/ metastasis, surgical procedures and final outcome.

Methods:3 case reports conducted and diagnosed in last 10 years were included and examine clinically as well radiologically. and ultimate surgical procedures performed and post operative follow up were studied and recorded. Patients diagnosed and procedures performed at other centre were excluded. All three patients underwent wide surgical excision and reconstruction with non vascularized fibular graft. Clinical and radio graphical follow up of 3 years done to see any recurrence and other complications.